Pearson Dental Catalog (32nd Edition)

228 Houston, TX (800) 561-2424 Fax: (713) 690-5176 CostaMesa, CA (657) 218-9666 Fax: (657) 218-9670 Kent, WA (800) 725-9998 Fax: (800) 797-0577 Phoenix, AZ (800) 829-9535 Fax: (602) 438-4676 TF Adaptive System (Kerr Endodontic) Nickel Titanium Files. Rotary when you want it. Reciprocation when you need it. Adaptive Motion Technology is based on a patented, smart algorithm designed to work with the TF Adaptive file system. This technology allows the TF Adaptive file to adjust to intra-canal torsional forces depending on the amount of pressure placed on the file. This means the file is in either a rotary or reciprocation motion depending on the situation. The result is exceptional debris removal with our classic rotary Twisted File design and less chance of file pull-in with our Adaptive Motion Technology. Giving you exceptional file control through the entire procedure. TF Adaptive Files, Pkg of 4 ... 73.50 23mm 27mm SM1 K25-7710 K25-7712 SM2 K25-7714 K25-7716 SM3 K25-7718 K25-7720 ML1 K25-7722 K25-7724 ML2 K25-7726 K25-7728 ML3 K25-7730 K25-7732 The Elements Motor with Adaptive Motion Technology provides recommended settings for TF Adaptive, TF Classic, K3/K3XF, Light Speed, M4 and custom settings. An intuitive, color-coded system designed for efficiency and ease of use. Just like a traffic light...start with green & stop with Small Bands: Small Files Double Bands: Medium/Large Files TF Procedure Pak of 6 ........... 73.50 23mm 27mm Small K25-7734 K25-7736 Med/Lrg K25-7738 K25-7740 Elements Motor w/Adaptive Motion Technology K25-7700 ............................ 2,129.45 Elements Motor Foot Pedal K25-7704 ............................... 151.15 Elements Motor Power Cord K25-7706 ................................. 30.35 Gutta Percha, Pkg of 50 .... 27.45 SM2 K25-7742 SM3 K25-7744 Small Assrt K25-7746 ML1 K25-7748 ML2 K25-7750 ML3 K25-7752 Med/Lrg Assrt K25-7754 Paper Points, Pkg of 100 .... 18.40 SM2 K25-7756 SM3 K25-7758 Small Assrt K25-7766 ML1 K25-7760 ML2 K25-7762 ML3 K25-7764 Med/Lrg Assrt K25-7768 Obturator, Pkg of 6 .......... 50.60 SM2 K25-7770 SM3 K25-7772 ML1 K25-7774 ML2 K25-7776 ML3 K25-7778 Obturator, Bulk Pkg. 36 .... 263.50 SM2 K25-7780 SM3 K25-7782 ML1 K25-7784 ML2 K25-7786 ML3 K25-7788 Verifier, Pkg of 6 .............. 22.50 SM2 K25-7790 SM3 K25-7792 ML1 K25-7794 ML2 K25-7796 ML3 K25-7798 TF ® – Twisted Files (Kerr Endondontic) Nickel - Titanium Files The first and only file to employ unique and proprietary production technology that achieves unrivalled strength combined with flexibiliy. R-Phase™ Technology, resulting in NiTi files that are 70% more flexible and 2-3 times more resistant to cyclic fatigue than other rotary files. * This special technology also enables TF to maintain the natural anatomy of the canal better than other files. TF preserves dentin and adds to the longevity of the post-RCT tooth. Simple 3 File Technique: Most brands of NiTi files require 5, 6 or even more files per case. The TF Technique is just 3 files per case, perfectly matched to the type of tooth you’re treating. 1 set for anteriors, another for premolars and molars. Fast and Efficient: Since doctors typically use 3 TF files per case, fewer files per treatment translates into less inventory, lower file cost per procedure, more time savings, & ultimately more predictable RCT. *Data on file, Sybron Dental Specialties, Inc. Data from Gambarini G. Cyclic fatigue test & flexibility test. Twisted Files Refills Pkg of 3 ............................. 53.00 Taper Tip 23mm 27mm .04 25 K25-7534 K25-7535 40 K25-7551 K25-7552 50 K25-7553 K25-7554 .06 25 K25-7536 K25-7537 30 K25-7547 K25-7548 35 K25-7549 K25-7550 .08 25 K25-7538 K25-7539 .10 25 K25-7540 K25-7541 .12 25 K25-7542 — Procedure Kits Easy as 1, 2 & 3 Simple Technique Fewer Files Great Results Kits of 3 Files ........................................... 53.00 Taper Tip 23mm 27mm Anterior Step 1 .08 25 K25-7557 K25-7559 Step 2 .06 30 Step 3 .04 40 Posterior Step 1 .08 25 K25-7558 K25-7560 Step 2 .06 25 Step 3 .06 30 SAFE- ENDED TIP Assists in following the canal shape while minimizing apical transportation. THIRD RADIAL LAND – Provides centered stability. HEAT TREATED WITH OUR R-PHASE TREATMENT PROCESS – Optimal strength and flexibility. AXXESS STAINLESS STEEL HANDLE – Allows more working room. VARIABLE PITCH – Provides the ultimate in control over other NiTi files. .08 Taper Tip 17mm 21mm 25mm 30mm 25 K25-7391 K25-7389 K25-7390 K25-7388 .10 Taper Tip 17mm 21mm 25mm 30mm 25 K25-7338 K25-7331 K25-7332 K25-7330 Pkg of 6 ............................. 68.50 .04 Taper .06 Taper Tip 21mm 25mm 30mm Tip 21mm 25mm 30mm 20 K25-7335 K25-7336 K25-7334 20 K25-7362 K25-7363 K25-7361 25 K25-7338 K25-7339 K25-7337 25 K25-7365 K25-7366 K25-7364 30 K25-7341 K25-7342 K25-7340 30 K25-7368 K25-7369 K25-7367 35 K25-7344 K25-7345 K25-7343 35 K25-7371 K25-7372 K25-7370 40 K25-7347 K25-7348 K25-7346 40 K25-7374 K25-7375 K25-7373 45 K25-7350 K25-7351 K25-7349 45 K25-7377 K25-7378 K25-7376 50 K25-7353 K25-7354 K25-7352 50 K25-7380 K25-7381 K25-7379 55 K25-7356 K25-7357 K25-7355 55 K25-7383 K25-7384 K25-7382 60 K25-7359 K25-7360 K25-7358 60 K25-7386 K25-7387 K25-7385 K3™XF Rotary Nickel-Titanium Files (Kerr Endo) All the features of K3. And more! K3™XF provides clinicians with the safety and self-centering features of the original K3, plus an extraordinary new level of flexibility and resistance to cyclic fatigue provided by our proprietary R-Phase™ Technology. K3XF is the ultimate in safety, flexibility andcontrol for rotary file users looking for a stronger and more flexible file. Assortments, Pkg of 3 ............. 53.00 Small Taper Tip 23mm 27mm .08 25 K25-7543 K25-7544 .06 .04 Large .10 25 K25-7545 K25-7546 .08 .06 Apical Small .08 25 K25-7556 — .06 30 .06 35 Apical Large .06 30 K25-7555 — .06 35 .04 40 Rotary NiTi Files by Kerr Endo TF Adaptive System K3™XF Rotary Files TF ® – Twisted Files