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Pearson CAD/CAM Training & Education Center

Now available from Pearson - state-of-the-art training for upgrading your lab to the newest CAD/CAM technology.

Contact Mehdi Kaveh CDT for further information:
Call 800-535-4535 extension 326 or 949-431-3284.

Pearson's Costa Mesa California Interactive Training Center Offering Hands-On Education.

Location: 3505 Cadillac Ave #O-110 Costa Mesa CA

Training Courses:

  • Hands on Training on CAD/CAM Software

  • Hands on Training on CAD/CAM Milling

  • Hands on training to determine the best zirconia discs for your lab

  • Hands on Training on Zirconia Sintering, Coloring and Characterizing

  • Personalized training programs available. Call for more information

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